Shy, Unpredictable & Greedy Stars

Guest Speaker

Thursday, 6th June 2024 (19:45 - 22:00)

Venue: Meeting Room

In this talk, Anwesha Sahu will touch on the life cycle of a star, and then dive into a unique class of stars, cataclysmic variable stars. Cataclysmic variable stars (CVs) are a well-known class of binary stars with a white dwarf accretor (more massive star) and a low-mass main sequence donor companion. CVs give us an ideal lab for studying mechanisms for jet emissions from high-energy astrophysical systems, across several regions of the electromagnetic spectrum UV, x-ray, optical, and my personal favourite radio.
In this talk, She will share a summary of what astronomers know about the formation channels for CVs, how they emit jets and how investigating them can take us a step closer to understanding what triggers Type Ia supernovae the most commonly observed supernovae.

Join the meeting online HERE if you can't attend in person

Speaker: Anwesha Sahu

Anwesha Sahu is an accomplished astrophysicist specializing in giving talks about Cataclysmic Variable Stars (CVs), AM CVs, and radio astronomy techniques. Currently pursuing her PhD at the University of Warwick, she delves into the dynamic and intriguing phenomena of the cosmos, contributing to the scientific community with her research and insights.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Anwesha is an avid guinea pig enthusiast and a dedicated fan of Taylor Swift. Her multifaceted interests reflect her vibrant personality and passion for science and the arts. Whether unravelling the mysteries of the universe or enjoying the latest Swiftie hits, Anwesha brings enthusiasm and excellence to everything she does.

Anwesha Sahu

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