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BINGO - a novel HI intensity mapping experiment for cosmology

Guest Speaker

Thursday, 12th May 2016 (19:45 - 22:00)

Venue: Meeting Room, Swinton Bottom Club (Formerly Swinton WMC)

Baryon Acoustic Oscillations BAOs from Integrated Neutral Gas Observation (BINGO) is a novel single-dish total-power telescope that will map the redshifted HI sky in a 15 degree strip, at frequencies of 960–1260 MHz (corresponding to redshifts 0.12 to 0.48), covering a sky area about 5000 square degrees. Using a focal plane array of 50 horns, BINGO will have the sensitivity to accurately measure the HI power spectrum and to detect Baryon Acoustic Oscillations (BAOs) for the first time at radio wavelengths (e.g., Battye et al. 2013). This will provide complementary cosmological information to existing surveys and will measure the acoustic scale to 2 % precision. The final, ultra-deep HI map will provide a wealth of cosmological and astrophysical information. To achieve this, the BINGO telescope has been designed specifically to minimise systematics. The BINGO project is funded and the construction of Phase I is currently under preparation in Uruguay.

Speaker: Prof.Clive Dickinson

I am Professor of astrophysics at Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics in the School of Physics and Astronomy.

I obtained an MPhys (hons) in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Manchester (1999), followed by a PhD (2002) in radio astronomy, from Jodrell Bank Observatory (JBO). I was awarded the RAS Michael Penston prize for the best UK astronomy thesis. After a short post-doc position at Manchester, I was offered a post-doc position at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). From here, I took a research position at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), before taking up a staff scientist position at the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center, at Caltech. In 2008, I was awarded a STFC Advanced Fellowship, choosing to come back to Manchester to continue my research. Since 2009, I've led several experiments and working groups, and held several major grants including an ERC Consolidator grant.

My research is largely in understanding radio/microwave emission, particularly on large angular scales, which is a significant contaminant for CMB and HI/CO intensity mapping experiments. I am an expert, both theoretically and observationally, on diffuse Galactic radiation including synchrotron, free-free and dust emissions. I have worked on a number of world-leading CMB experiments including VSA, CBI, and ESA's Planck satellite mission. I am the Manchester PI for the C-Band All-Sky Survey (C-BASS) and BINGO intensity mapping projects.I have expertise in a number of areas of data analysis, including optical imaging, single dish imaging and interferometric synthesis imaging. My technical background includes designing and constructing optical cameras and also characterising optical systems.

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