Phil Muffett

Tonight’s speaker is a long standing member who joined the society back in 1982 at the age of 18,

He became interested in astronomy at an age which he cannot remember after his Grandfather showed him the Great bear and pole star from their back yard in Mexborough,

He learned his first constellations from a map in the back of a 1930’s Encyclopaedia which he still has today,

During the 1960’s he followed the Apollo missions on the news while the mercury and Gemini missions were a little too early in his life,

During the 1970’s he became interested in the planets with the launch of Viking and voyager then became interested in spaceflight with the international joining of the space shuttle and Mir,

After moving to Swinton Phil’s real interest in astronomy took hold in the 80’s  after buying his first 60mm Tasco  which led him to joining the society,

From that point on he has been a continuous committee member devoted to its success, continuity and outreach to the public,

He built the societies first 2m observatory at collage in 1983 which was designed to be portable so any member of the society could use it and was the blueprint for the design of the 5m observatory which we now have on our own site at Hoober,

Over this period he also become interested in radio astronomy following the Mir space station, The international space station, soyuz and the space shuttle,

More recently he’s built his own ygie ariel to detect meteors entering the earth’s atmosphere,

I could go on!

Anyway tonight s talk is a topic close to his hart Greek astronomy,

He looks at the discovery of the oldest known computer, how it was put together and what it meant to the early Greeks,


This also gives an insight into the early Greeks understanding of the cosmos,


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